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National Report of AMID

1.      Current main concerns of soldiers in your country (career, social)

Reduction armed forces

The Council of Ministers on October 4, at the proposal of the Minister of Defense, in consultation with the Minister of Economy and Finance, has preliminarily approved a regulation on the reduction of staff of the armed forces, implementing the Decree Law . 95 of 2012 on the spending review. Regulation, said in a statement released by the end Palazzo Chigi, governs the reduction of the overall staffing of the armed forces from 190,000 to 170,000 units; surgery are excluded the Carabinieri and the Body of harbor. In particular, provision of a total staff reduction of military leadership (generals and colonels, and the corresponding grades), number of employees of each of the roles of officers and the number of annual promotions to grades in which the advance is to be chosen. Provided there are transitional arrangements in order to achieve a gradual reduction of the total workforce by 1 January 2016.

Reform of pension

In Italy the age limit for retired military personnel has undergone recent and frequent changes within the framework of a broader reform of pensions for the public sector.

Military personnel currently has two ways to retire:

-for at least 40 years old and 57 years old

-for age limit, typically to 60 years (till 63 years for the generals).

Remains the institution of "auxiliary" even if now has almost completely lost any advantage.

As we see the economic and financial crisis has produced a pejorative leveling of working conditions and pay of military personnel.

There was a continuous series of cuts in economic and legal benefits of military personnel which, inter alia, Italy does not have either the appropriate tools (Trade Union) to deal with the Government.

This situation has resulted in an exodus of the military personnel with more seniority than he could receive at the last minute prior to the reform legislation with best conditions; While we have introduced a pension reform very detrimental to the younger staff, among other things, hasn't the opportunity to be able to count on new forms of supplementary pension provision.

Again the majority of the cost of reform and rehabilitation has been charged against the weakest and defenseless people.

Block of salaries and loss of their purchasing power

As a result of the economic crisis, in Italy there is a substantial wage freeze of public employees and therefore also of the military personnel. In addition, following repayment plans from the state budget, taxation is also increased resulting in an increase in fees and charges of genres and essential services for families. So the military find themselves in difficulty as a result of the cost of living and loss of purchasing power of their salaries.

2.      Other issues of importance (Ops, association, ....)

Another effect of the economic crisis that weighs on Italy is to produce a block of reforms for military personnel (right of association / union) because there are not the necessary financial resources. The state of emergency and concern for the future resulted in a substantial disregard of the policy with respect to requests for social progress and democracy.

3.      Work undertaken or attempted by your association and/or Government-MOD to tackle these issues

AMID has continued to maintain relations of fruitful collaboration with the largest Italian trade unions (CGIL) waiting promote appropriate initiatives pending a more careful policy framework that we hope will be determined by national elections that there will be next spring.

4.      Achievements and difficulties

Of course, the results are limited because of the economic difficulties mentioned above.

Lt. Col.(Ris.) Vincenzo Frallicciardi

President of AMID

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