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Nel 2010 un laboratorio d'analisi francese ha certificato la presenza di uranio impoverito in tessuti biologici che un laboratorio italiano, nel 2005, aveva ritenuto privi di contaminazione nucleare.

coverup of du by italian woman scientist

US-UK-Italian Uranium Science Fraudulent: Patients Betrayed by Italian Scientist
Bob Nichols,

May 8, 2005 ? (Oklahoma City) Nuclear Weapons Lab scientist Leuren Moret today accused three Western governments of condoning and promoting science fraud relating to Radiation Poisoning from the use of Uranium Weapons in Iraq and Central Asia by Italian scientist Antonietta Morena Gatti.

Moret has spoken in forty-two countries and numerous international court cases about the hazard uranium represents to the human race. Moret consulted famed former Manhattan Project scientist and consultant to the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, Marion Fulk, before making the announcement. The Manhattan Project constructed the first atomic bombs used against humans in war time in August 1945.

Moret stated "Gatti posted mass spec profiles on her website which showed what common metals were detected but the profiles were cut off (edited) where uranium shows up on the profile. The presentation of her information was done in a way that hides or omits the uranium spike which is the likely culprit."

Moret stated about Gatti "It was obvious that Gatti is very competent, and would know that uranium might be a factor to take into consideration in her research, and would certainly know how to identify and measure it. It is very unlikely that this is simple gross negligence, sloppy science, or incompetence."

Moret continued "This dreadful woman [Gatti] has violated the trust of Susan Riordan, dishonored the memory of Terry Riordan, and scammed all to further her own ambitions. It is vital at this time for the Italian government to cover up the harm of DU because there are sick Italian soldiers who served in the Balkans and Iraq, and Italian soldiers are shooting DU into the fisheries in coastal Sardinia where fisherman are making a huge political stink.

Moret concluded "I think Gatti's 'science spin' is reprehensible... and I am sorry for Susan and Terry that they have been used in such a political way."

The Terry Riordan Memorial fund at on the Uranium Medical Research Center includes this information about Captain Terry Riordan:

"Terry Riordon was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces serving in the Gulf War. He passed away in April 1999 at the age of 45. The official cause of death was Gulf War Syndrome."

Terry went to the Persian Gulf in December 26, 1990 with honor, dignity and pride - serving his country as Captain J. Terry Riordon of the Canadian Armed Forces. Terry left Canada a very fit man who did cross-country skiing and ran in marathons. On his return only two months later he could barely walk."

"He returned to Canada in February 1991 with documented loss of motor control, chronic fatigue, respiratory difficulties, chest pain, difficulty breathing, sleep problems, short-term memory loss, testicle pain, body pains, aching bones, diarrhea, and depression. After his death depleted uranium (DU) contamination was discovered in his lungs and bones."

"For eight years he suffered his innumerable ailments and struggled with the military bureaucracy and the system to get proper diagnosis and treatment. His wife, Susan Riordon, speaks most eloquently of the nightmare of physical, mental and emotional hardship endured not just by Terry but his entire family."

"He was ultimately unsuccessful it getting the answers or help he needed in his lifetime. His final wish was to donate his body to independent research on DU. That was Terry's gift to all who served in the Persian Gulf. He wanted his body to supply the answers to years of suffering and frustration. Through his gift UMRC was able to have obtain conclusive evidence of internal DU contamination in his lungs and bones. Even after death Terry continues to contribute to his country and his fellow veterans."

"You can honour Terry Riordon's memory and other veterans who gave their lives and health for their country. UMRC has established the "Terry Riordon Memorial Fund" to help make possible scientific research on uranium and informed medical diagnosis of exposed persons. By making a financial donation, you are supporting essential work that has as yet to be undertaken seriously by public agencies in Canada."

"All contributions are tax deductible in the United States and Canada. Donations are made payable to Uranium Medical Research Centre (UMRC). Please indicate that the donation is directed to the 'Terry Riordon Memorial Fund'."

"UMRC is pleased to be supported by Susan Riordon, Captain Riordon's widow. She is also the Chair, Canadian Peacekeeping Veteran Association (CPVA) - Atlantic Regional."

© Copyright 2005 by

Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award Winner and lives in Oklahoma. He is a frequent contributor to, other online publications and the "San Francisco Bay View" newspaper. Nichols is a former employee of the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant. Nichols can be reached by email at this GoogleMail address: Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.

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